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Picking up the Pace

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Picking up the Pace

It has been awhile since I have made a post. One of my goals for this year is to write more on my blog. I have never been a great writer but I have lots to say, things to talk about and share with you. I can only become better at things by actually doing them right, Right!! So here we go, I have always had a love/hate relationship with running, it is on all levels my biggest display of weakness (food is also my weakness but that is another post) I am all over the place, not relaxed, my breathing is out of control, my calves are on fire, its not pretty. I want to love running, I want to feel that high and experience those breakthroughs. This is the year I will run my first half marathon. I have been saying it for years and I am ready to go for it mentally but physically I am not there yet. I hope to run the Silver Falls half with my sister in law in November, it is a trail run and I have found out over the last year that I do like, actually love running trails. It would also bring me great joy to my little heart to run my first half marathon with someone that I have looked up to for so many years, Leslie inspires me everyday. I have not decided if I should do two half marathons this year or just train fully for the trail run but I think that is what I might do, we have lots of trails to train on here in Arizona. I have been filling my head with self sabotaging thoughts that I could never run a half marathon or accomplish many things for that matter. About a week before Christmas I decided to get back to it and take my life back, I started getting up at four in the morning to meet my friend and get an easy three miles in, most of that was walking but walking so FAST!!! I could barely keep up with the pace, then another friend joined back with us and she walks even FASTER!!!!! Now you might not think that walking can be challenging but let me tell you, Chasity and Stacy are super fast and we are also walking out in the desert with lots of ups and downs and on sandy dirt roads kinda like the beach but no water. I am always a few steps behind but this is good because it has been pushing me and making my legs stronger. I am really taking baby steps through this journey adding a few intervals at a time. I have done my share of doing things to fast to soon and then ended up with an injury or just gave up because things got too hard. So we have been at it every morning just at about 3 weeks now (they say a new habit is created in 21 days, phew I made it now let’s keep it going) and the past two mornings we have been picking up the pace meaning running more often and longer with our intervals, (I really need a running watch) both of my friends are experienced runners so I am very thankful for them because they push me to do better and really help me even though my pace is much slower and I cannot run as long, they always slow down for me and give me positive words of encouragement. Some runners may not be so helpful, I know that they could just leave me in the dust but they don’t (thank goodness its pitch black in the desert) and now that we are running more I am a few feet behind, but its totally fine I keep going and say OK so they know I need a break and even that break is challenging because its a power walk. I am so grateful for those two, and for my sister in law who taught me about the walk/run method. It’s hard getting up at four in the morning and out the door to go walk/run in 30-40 degree weather for an hour but it has become a goal that is non negotiable for me. Too many times I would have made an excuse, it’s too early, it’s too cold, I’m tired blah blah blah. That saying “choose the same way of thinking and you will get the same old results” is sooo true. I am working very hard on changing my thinking to more positive thoughts and talking to myself with more loving and kind words. I know that I can do anything and everything that I set my mind on, with a little Faith all things are possible. As soon as I saw the photo I am posting I fell in love with it because it brought me to a specific moment from this morning while we are out there running under the stars all I heard was silence and our feet hitting the dirt roads moving us closer to our goals it was like we were playing the road a little symphony, or telling a story that only the road could hear. The past couple of mornings when I am driving home I have felt this really calm and peaceful feeling, not tired just calm. Have a great Tuesday everyone….

Operation Get Healthy

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                Over the past couple of years I have suspected that I have developed some food intolerance’s and with a life long struggle of yo-yo dieting, binge eating and drinking, drug addiction and not exercising consistently one would also soon discover that the combination of all these things would lead into some digestive issues as well.

                In the summer of 2010 is when I decided to get serious about my health and I really started noticing how food was affecting my body, I don’t know why I never noticed it before, weird! This was my first attempt at trying Paleo. I was very determined to get my health in order and I never cheated. Well, a few times I did. My main thinking was to lose weight and look good, but I never focused on really feeling better mentally and physically a mistake I feel that I made on this journey.

So for 43 days I ate and lived Paleo.

                                                     No sugar from any source, grains, dairy, processed foods, cereals, breads etc. On the rare occasion I did have some berries and a little dark chocolate. Hey, sometimes we just need some dark chocolate!!!

You know what I felt great, I lost 13 lbs and a few inches. My attitude was better, my skin looked better, and I had more energy. So what happened from that summer to now? Well a lot of stressful situations, depression, and a lot of not knowing what I was doing with my life and I fell right back into struggling with my food choices and not exercising. Staying consistent is key and I know that but I just wasn’t doing it.

 The result of this destructive behavior over the years has really done a number on my body, pain in my legs and feet along with swelling, I am bloated all the time, my skin has not been clear, joint pain, and most important I just feel horrible. I lack energy, motivation, confidence, my attitude stinks and I am depressed all the time.

The excuses stop NOW!! I am tired of hearing the same old story and excuses play over and over in my head all the time. I am tired of feeling sorry for myself. I absolutely do not like looking in the mirror. It’s time to change my thinking and stop believing all these negative thoughts that I keep telling myself.  I will no longer use my body as a garbage can!! It’s crazy, on a recent emergency trip back home I had some wonderful and really meaningful conversations with my sister in law and my brother and at times those conversations where really hitting me right in my heart like they were meant for me to hear. Funny how God speaks to us sometimes.

I know what I need to do, the hard part is doing it. I wish there was a reset button that we could push and all of our health issues would disappear but then again that would be the easy way out and there is no fun in that. Learning along the way what works and doesn’t work is all part of the journey and makes us stronger in the end.  I have set goals in the past and I think sometimes they are a bit too much, so I am just going to keep them simple and basic for now. Simple whole foods are what I will be eating along with yummy green vegetable juices, healthy fats and some probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Also getting exercise in at least 4 days a week, and running a 5k this weekend.

My nutrition and staying active are number one on my list and I am choosing to focus on getting healthy and healing my body instead of focusing on the weight loss, I know that will come with it so that will just be a bonus. Right now at this moment I would say I eat healthy 65% of the time and the other 35% of the time is eating too many processed, quick and convenient foods. I don’t want to start off with eliminating too many foods but in order to see what is causing certain things I will start with a few. This first week will be gluten, processed foods and grains. I know that seems like a lot of things but I know first handed that these are all triggers for me.

I will keep you all updated throughout the weeks of how it is going and what I have been eating. One of my favorite food choices in the fall and winter months are soups, here is one of my favorites recipes that I will be making. Enjoy!!


Operation Get Healthy is in full effect!!!


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Amazing Things

Hey Everyone Welcome to the new home of Nutrition For A Vibrant Healthy Life and The Traveling White Board (something new I just created). I want you to know that all of  you are meant for Amazing things. Remind yourself everyday how important you are and love yourself, these are things that I am working on as well, we can do this TOGETHER lose weight, get fit, get healthy and love ourselves more!!! Thank You to all of my followers and all the new ones to come. You all Inspire and Motivate me!!! Have a Beautiful Day!!

Hugs~ (more…)

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